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We empower individuals and organizations to achieve their objectives through our practical approach to coaching and development.


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Whether you are an individual looking to gain clarity, a coach wanting to gain experience and practice your coaching skills, or an organization interested in creating a more connected culture, we can help. Our experienced, ICF-certified coaches support transitions and assist with personal and professional development efforts. Our goal with our clients is to help them take the steps necessary to move forward.

Client Stories

"I had the pleasure of working with Karin for many years. When Karin promises, she will deliver. One particular project we worked on was organized remotely from overseas. Not only did Karin prepare the materials to specs, her delivery catered to the specific audiences. Everyone understood her presentation and walked away much enriched."

Alice L.

"I always enjoy working with Sara. Her perspective as a coach really makes her a great teammate. She is very analytical, and her strength is definitely applying theory to the concepts we discussed. She always brings relevant research to discussions that really aid our understanding of the project. She kept us on track and really helped focus on our tasks.”

James A.

"Karin is a tremendous asset to her clients. I admire her for her professionalism, integrity, organization skills, attention to detail, ability to build and foster relationships, excellent communication skills, and ability to overcome challenges, and get the job done. Clients that are fortunate enough to have Karin work with them, embark on a professional and personal journey that I am certain would exceed expectations. "

Ron E.

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