According to the Association for Talent Development, the statistics are clear: 80% of those who have received coaching report positive impacts on work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies. And 65% of employees rate themselves as “highly engaged in companies with strong coaching cultures.”


Many managers attempt to coach without adequate training or experience. Reading about coaching is not the same as experiencing quality coaching instruction and having opportunities to practice. Unfamiliarity with coaching becomes problematic when a manager’s “coaching” doesn’t produce the results they think it should, and they return to more traditional management tactics.

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Coaching employees is one of the most challenging aspects of being a manager, but it’s worth the time and effort. Helping employees gain new insights and make effective decisions can empower them to improve their skills. Trana Solutions provides managers with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively coach their employees.

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Our course is divided into three parts. The first provides a strong foundation for managerial coaching, a framework for coaching conversations, and the necessary skills associated with coaching. The second part dives into real-world applications of coaching. And the third part focuses on reinforcement through deliberate practice and feedback.

In order to create a work environment similar to actual workspaces, students will work through the content in small teams. We use a cohort-style methodology in which information is learned and reinforced in teams, increasing students’ collective knowledge and retention. Our course includes instructor-led training sessions, video lessons, reflective group work, quizzes to check for understanding, and practice sessions with a trainer and peers.


We designed our comprehensive training program to maximize learning and conversion to the new techniques. Your managers will finish the course with a toolbox full of practical tools you can implement immediately.

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