Organizational culture and dynamics have a critical role in the organization’s success. But it’s not enough to understand their importance, leaders must actively create and manage them. It starts with a culture assessment and identifying the essential impacting factors from that assessment. Once influencing factors have been identified, leaders must identify which behaviors are helping or hindering their culture.

The strategy is to address the organization’s mindset and true values. Are they in alignment with the organization’s stated values? Then identify specific behaviors that need to be changed or reinforced. We focus on individual behavior, specifically leaders’ behavior, as a way to create and manage culture and dynamics. Focusing on daily behaviors and interactions and measuring progress makes organizational culture and dynamics less abstract.

Relational awareness and connection plus talent development leads to improved employee experience, engagement and performance.


We assist clients in creating a sustainable environment of supportive leadership that encourages and enables employees to co-create value for the organization and themselves, nurturing intrinsic motivation. We shift management perspectives toward a collaborative mindset that enables managers to become better leaders. Research backs this people-oriented approach: an employee’s engagement hinges on their relationship with their immediate supervisor or team lead.

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We help organizations create a connected culture of engaged employees through relational awareness. What is relational awareness? Relational awareness is mindfulness of the internal and external individual, interpersonal and organizational factors influencing interactions. It is a collective understanding and management of emotional intelligence, the social context, and relationship dynamics. Relational awareness unlocks employees’ potential and directly impacts the overall organizational performance.

When organizations focus on individual, team, and leader/manager development within a culture of relational awareness and management, it will create a sense of connectedness that will increase the employee experience. Increasing the employee experience will improve employee engagement and overall performance for the individual, team, leader, and organization.

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What would it look like at the organization you work for to have engaged, empowered employees who take ownership of their work and feel valued by their company for their contributions? What kind of impact would that make?


  • You know your teams aren’t performing up to their capabilities. Yet, you haven’t motivated your employees to correct the issues.
  • Communication is a challenge in parts of your business.
  • Good employees are leaving, and you don’t know why.
  • You want to create a more supportive work environment but are unsure where to start.
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By creating a connected culture, your employees will begin proactively contributing to your organization’s competitive advantage, and the employee experience will become more fulfilling.

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