Coaching facilitates growth and change by empowering individuals to tap into their own resourcefulness. Some benefits of coaching in the workplace are better communication skills, increased employee engagement, improved decision making, improved leadership development, improved performance, better manager-employee relationships, improved productivity, teamwork, and better employee wellbeing.

“The goal of coaching, is the goal of good management: to make the most of an organization’s valuable resources.” – Harvard Business Review

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Companies are seeing the benefits of providing coaching to all individuals in the organization. We assist organizations in addressing their leaders’ and employees’ professional development needs. This includes providing support that helps individuals in your organization find clarity, identify blind spots, and take an honest look at how they operate. We empower your leaders and employees to figure out what they have within themselves or have access to that will move them closer to their goal.

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Information learned in training is often forgotten shortly after training ends. This is known as the Forgetting Curve. We help companies reduce this loss of knowledge and maximize the ROI on training by providing structured, supplemental practice opportunities with feedback to reinforce behavior change. You must practice, give feedback, and repeat to change behavior after the training. Deliberate practice and accountability offered by our coaches can help your employees put into practice what they’ve learned.

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Coaching is forward-focused and action-oriented. It is a source of accountability and support. Our primary responsibility when coaching through change is to support the key employees, managers, and leaders responsible for initiating and implementing organizational change. We help them to anticipate and overcome the hurdles they will face as they execute organizational change initiatives. Our focus is on developing individuals to successfully lead the organization through challenges and opportunities.

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What would it look like at the organization you work for to have engaged, empowered employees who take ownership of their work and feel valued by their company for their contributions? What kind of impact would that make?


Our experienced, ICF-certified coaches support transitions and assist with personal and professional development efforts. Our goal with our clients is to help them take the steps necessary to move forward.

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