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We give organizations the tools to engage with and empower their employees. We work alongside our clients to help them build their capacity to make meaningful, sustainable changes that will ultimately give them a competitive advantage.         

At Trana Solutions, we understand the core similarities exhibited among high-performing companies. The foundation of a great company depends on its culture. Our approach to development considers the complex nature of company culture and its interacting parts. We have designed our services to work together to achieve the best results for our clients.

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An effective company culture embraces open and clear communication between managers and employees. When aligning strategic goals with company culture, it is crucial to address the interacting elements of culture and the systems that support them. Assessing your company’s current culture helps identify challenge areas. Creating an engaged workplace is achieved through focusing on individual, team, leader and manager development – within a culture of relational awareness. Relational awareness is mindfulness of the individual, interpersonal and organizational factors that influence interactions.

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Educating managers on how to enhance their communication, improve their emotional intelligence, and motivate their employees improves the productivity of not only the managers but also their direct reports. Training individual contributors, teams, managers, and leaders on relational awareness and management helps foster a connected, engaged company culture, which maximizes performance. Training is an important piece of the puzzle, but it must be supported by the company culture to be effective. Oftentimes, changing the environment facilitates the adoption of new behaviors.

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Much of what we learn in training is forgotten shortly after the learning experience. But even if the information sticks, people often revert to old habits because it’s easier than new behavior. This information loss and lack of behavior change is a  waste for companies that spend time and resources training their employees. We offer post-training coaching, and our reinforcement system provides a way to practice soft skills. Our emphasis on reinforcement that provides opportunities for practice, feedback, and support, helps our clients maximize their results from our training.