Peer Coaching

Earn ICF coaching hours and improve your coaching skills using our tech-enabled, peer coaching platform Reinforce.

Gaining coaching experience is a crucial step on the road to becoming a successful coach.

You understand the importance of learning and keeping your skills up to date. You’ve spent time and money attending seminars and workshops to learn new skills. How often are you able to implement your new skills automatically with success? The training taught you what to do, how to do it, and maybe why it matters. But there’s a gap between knowing what to do and doing it.

How do you close that gap?

With deliberate practice.

Peer coaching is a great way to practice your coaching skills. It is a process in which two coaches with similar coaching experience levels exchange coaching services. You coach a fellow coach in exchange for receiving coaching.

What is Reinforce?

Reinforce is a virtual skill development platform offering coaches the opportunity to engage in reciprocal peer coaching to increase their coaching skills through video-based practice, reflection, and  feedback. You can gain ICF coaching hours and improve your coaching skills by getting personalized feedback from peers, mentor coaches, and artificial intelligence (AI) with our cutting-edge peer coaching platform Reinforce.

Reinforce is more than a peer coaching coordination service. We connect you with fellow coaches through our Reinforce Loops so you can gain experience that will count toward ICF credentials. However, we also know that in addition to regular practice, feedback and reflection are essential for achieving reliable, effective results. We’ve designed Reinforce with that in mind.


        • Allows you to practice your coaching skills in a supportive environment, building your confidence and earning ‘paid hours’ that count toward ICF certification.
        • Provides feedback using artificial intelligence, supported by an ICF mentor coach, to evaluate your coaching, allowing you to track your progress.
        • Encourages you to grow as an individual through being coached by a fellow coach and offering reflection opportunities after each session.

How does it work?


Using our video-based learning platform, connect with your assigned coach or client for your coaching sessions.


At the end of each session, reflect on the conversation and record your key insights and commitments.


Receive feedback on your coaching conversation and create action plans based on the feedback provided.

What to expect:

Choose a Reinforce Loop (session) that you wish to join.

You’ll receive an email informing you of your coach and client assignments a few days before your loop starts.

Complete the required number of sessions with both your coach and client and leave feedback for both.

Reviewing your feedback will help you to build on your strengths and improve your challenge areas.