Peer Coaching FAQs

Listed below are some common questions regarding peer coaching and Reinforce, our virtual skill development platform.

What is peer coaching?
Peer coaching is a process in which two coaches with similar coaching experience levels exchange coaching services. You coach a fellow coach in exchange for receiving coaching from them.

Does peer coaching count as paid hours for ICF certification?
Yes. Peer-to-peer coaching delivered outside of a training program can be claimed as paid coaching hours. See ICF Experience Requirements.

What is a Reinforce Loop?
A Reinforce Loop is a set of 12 reciprocal peer coaching sessions, one hour each, in which a participant will coach for six sessions and be coached by another participant for six sessions.

What is included in a Reinforce Loop?
We match you with a peer coach and a peer client based on your submitted preferences.
You use our video-based learning platform to connect with your assigned coach and client to conduct, reflect, and submit the sessions.
We transcribe, evaluate, and give feedback on your coaching session within 48 hours of submission. Three transcribed and evaluated conversations are included in the loop cost.

How is my coaching evaluated?
Our aim is to support coaches as they prepare for the recorded performance evaluation for the Associate Certified Coach (ACC) or the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential. We use an evaluation system that is based on the PCC Markers for the ICF’s 8 Core Competencies. These markers support a process for evaluating performance that is reasonable, repeatable, valid, and fair.

Who can participate in a Reinforce Loop?
If you’re already a coach or you have completed 60 hours of coach training, please join us.

What happens to my conversations after my Loop has ended?
We will store your recorded coaching conversations for six months from the beginning of the loop. You may purchase transcripts and evaluations of your conversations at any time during that window. 

Can I submit conversations for evaluation without joining a Loop?
Yes. You may submit conversations you have previously recorded, provided you have permission from your client to share the conversation. Check out our Skill Evaluation page to learn more. 

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