Emotional intelligence refers to awareness of and the ability to identify and manage your feelings and the feelings of others. Emotional intelligence skills affect how we relate to others, how well we handle stress, and how resilient we are. These skills impact the quality of our relationships, and the quality of our relationships, in turn, affects our physical health and well-being. When we enhance emotional intelligence skills, we enhance how we connect, communicate and influence those we interact with inside and outside the workplace.

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What would it mean to improve how your people connect, communicate and collaborate by 5, 10, or 15%?

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Genos Emotional Intelligence Assessments measure how often individuals display the emotionally intelligent workplace behaviors that underlie success. The more you exhibit the behaviors measured, the more effective your relationships and work will be. The reports include practical development suggestions. For organizations and groups, we also offer the Emotional Culture Index. A quick survey to help you know how your people are feeling and how they’d like to feel.

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Applied EI is a virtual instructor-led program that helps boost essential emotional intelligence competencies for 2022 and beyond. The program teaches you to how to enhance your demonstrated emotionally intelligent behavior and, in doing so, improve how you connect, communicate, and collaborate with others. Emotional intelligence is becoming a “must-have” skill. According to Capgemini Research Institute, “Organizations can achieve returns up to four times higher by investing in EI skills.”

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Leadership is fundamentally about facilitating performance. Research has shown that a leader’s emotional intelligence is key to their ability to influence high performance and employee engagement. Demand for emotional intelligence skills will continue to rise over the next three to five years. This program helps leaders improve the skills needed for the modern workplace. Leading with Emotional Intelligence includes an assessment, debrief, and six instructor-led learning modules.

These assessments and programs have been designed by Dr. Ben Palmer from Genos International and are led by Genos certified facilitators at Trana Solutions. Training Industry has recognized Genos International as one of the Top 20 Assessment and Evaluation companies globally.

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Emotional intelligence is the skill of perceiving, understanding, expressing, reasoning with, and managing emotions within oneself and others. When applied to a workplace, it’s about using emotions intelligently to achieve desired results.

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