We exist to provide business solutions for our clients. The value we provide to our clients is three-fold: more participation throughout the organization; more effective managers, filling a recognized gap in managerial development; and a more cohesive workforce.

We provide consulting, training, reinforcement opportunities, and coaching for small- to medium-sized businesses wanting to create a more connected company culture, resulting in better employee engagement and performance. We help organizations shift their culture toward one that fosters relational awareness and increases performance in a way that connects with today’s workforce.

We are coaches, programmers, trainers, and consultants passionate about building and solidifying workplace relationships for maximum performance. We’re a little bit techy and a whole lot peopley.


• People hold inherent potential, and we empower an organization to leverage and expand its human capabilities.

• Behavioral shifts can result in organizational alignment.

• Trust is essential to encourage employee retention and increase engagement.

• An engaged company culture yields higher levels of employee involvement, effectively resulting in greater customer satisfaction.


You begin a lasting organizational transformation by focusing on relational awareness and training leaders to communicate effectively and develop their employees. This shift will include greater employee involvement, consistency, and adaptability, leading to improved performance, sales, and customer satisfaction.

Creating an engaged workforce is a top-down process. A strong company culture embraces open, straightforward communication between managers and employees. Training initiatives like ours have the highest chance for success when there is buy-in from the company’s leadership. It is not simply a matter of skill development or competencies but rather addressing all the interacting elements and the systems that support them.

Identifying and addressing skills gaps in leaders and managers uplifts the entire organization. Training managers to better communicate and motivate their employees improves both the managers’ and their direct reports’ productivity.

Conducting training without a plan to practice the newly learned skills is a waste of time and money. Regular reinforcement of the learned behavior(s) must happen for real change to occur. However, practice alone is insufficient; constructive and timely feedback is also necessary.


We are certified coaches through the International Coaching Federation and certified emotional intelligence practitioners through Genos International. Combined, we have over 40 years of experience in coaching, organizational development, and training.

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While we customize our solutions to your organization’s needs and goals, our projects usually follow a similar process.

We meet for an initial consultation to determine your goals and challenges.

If we can assist you in achieving your goals, we will create a project proposal. The project proposal will contain our recommendations, a timeline, and pricing.

Once we agree on the project details, we will begin to implement your solution.

We will conduct a final evaluation at the end of the project term. Our goal is to build your internal capabilities, so your organization can continue to improve after our contract ends. We want our clients to be in a position to say to us, “Thank you. We’ve got this now.”