We help businesses increase performance and employee engagement by creating a connected culture and closing the culture-engagement-performance gap. Our engage-train-reinforce model sets us apart. We give our clients the best chance for success by addressing company culture pre-training and emphasizing learning reinforcement post-training. The value we provide is threefold: more participation throughout the organization, more effective managers, and a more cohesive workforce.

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Effective company cultures embrace open and clear communication between managers and their direct reports. Addressing the interacting elements and the systems that support them is essential when aligning strategic goals with corporate culture.

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By educating leaders and managers on how to better communicate with and motivate their employees, our model not only elevates the productivity of managers and their employees, but also creates sense of connectedness that increases the employee experience. 

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Coaching supports organizational initiatives in two ways; through individual development coaching and change management coaching. Our action-oriented approach to coaching capitalizes on current and future opportunities particular to your organization.


Trana Solutions focuses on facilitating growth and behavior changes that will positively impact our clients’ business objectives. We take a comprehensive approach to employee development. Not content to only deliver training, we address the culture-engagement-performance connection within organizations to ensure proper implementation of the training. Subsequent reinforcement of training initiatives provides through coaching and opportunities for deliberate practice. From start to finish, Trana Solutions offers an unsurpassed ability to deliver training, providing a competitive advantage for our clients.

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“I was able to gain clarity on a project with which I had been struggling. Sara helped me outline an initial plan and stop going in circles. It was a relief to see my way forward. Sara is a kind, down to earth, and laser-focused coach. Her gentle approach puts one at ease, but she is laser focused on the client’s needs and is good at helping him/her create awareness. Potential clients would be well-served to work with Sara” – Deirdre M.

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I had the pleasure of working with Karin for many years. When Karin promises, she will deliver. One particular project we worked on was organized remotely from overseas. Not only did Karin prepare the materials to specs, her delivery catered to the specific audiences. Everyone understood her presentation and walked away much enriched. – Alice L.

Karin is a tremendous asset to her clients. Through my professional and personal relationship with Karin, I have come to admire her for her professionalism, integrity, organization skills, attention to detail, ability to build and foster relationships, excellent communications and interpersonal skills, and the ability to effectively overcome challenges, no matter what type, and get the job done. Any potential client that would be fortunate enough to have Karin work with them, would embark on a professional and personal journey that I am certain would exceed expectations. – Ron E.

Thank you!!! I’ve wanted to message you and tell you I’ve had so much more clarity and confidence in my goals after two calls with you than what I would’ve had in a whole year of “trying to figure it out”.  – Ashleigh G.